Damsel in a Dress Look Sensational at the Races

So Sensational is the shopping and style site where grown-up women can buy boutique clothing, daywear, posh frocks, petite and plus size clothes. So Sensational is run by two fashion aficionados who write all their own content and crucially, are meticulous in ensuring all the brands and content they feature are a good fit for both the site and the audience. With a target demographic of 40-plus affluent women, they were the perfect partner for Damsel in a Dress.

This spring, So Sensational put together a feature named Royal Ascot: Race Day Refinement bringing together a selection of outfits for Royal Ascot with the aim of helping women to find the perfect race day outfit. It was here that items from Damsel in a Dress’ At the Races category featured heavily. Damsel in a Dress furthered their promotions with So Sensational by offering users a ten per cent discount. The So Sensational feature was perfectly targeted at Damsel in a Dress’ core demographic and allowed them to take advantage of this highly relevant seasonal traffic.