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  • TopTips370

    Top Tips: Seasonal planning for advertisers

    As we progress through January, your annual planning is no doubt well underway, but what about your affiliate strategy for the year? While many advertisers can plan ahead knowing that Q4 is their busiest quarter and December is going to be… Read more

  • jules-b-370

    Jules B and Community Driven Content Sites

    With eight stores in the North of England, Jules B is a luxury fashion retailer and e-tailer that has been in the business of dressing stylish men and women for over 27 years. Polyvore is a community driven social shopping… Read more

  • damsel-in-a-dress-370

    Damsel in a Dress Look Sensational at the Races

    So Sensational is the shopping and style site where grown-up women can buy boutique clothing, daywear, posh frocks, petite and plus size clothes. So Sensational is run by two fashion aficionados who write all their own content and crucially, are… Read more

  • recruitment-tool-370

    The Publisher Recruitment Tool

    Currently in Beta testing, the publisher recruitment tool will transform the way publisher recruitment happens on the Webgains platform. For the first time, advertisers will be able to browse publishers on the network and invite them to join their programmes…. Read more

  • cloud-iq--2-370

    Cloud.IQ: Multicanal de remarketing

    El remarketing de Cloud.IQ consigue recuperar el 20% de las ventas abandonadas. Con más de un 75% de los consumidores online abandonando sus cestas, las soluciones “anti abandono” son una parte vital del arsenal de alguien que comercia en internet…. Read more

  • emocial-370

    Emocial: The Scratchcard Initiative that Drives Engagement

    Emocial are a multichannel publisher specialising in developing additional revenue streams from customer journeys across email, mobile, social and digital channels. Their recent scratchcard initiative which has helped advertisers to use customer information efficiently, has not only enhanced advertisers’ databases,… Read more

  • avenue-imperial-370

    Explora todas las tiendas desde tu casa con Avenue Imperial

    Imagínate poder visitar una tienda y explorar sus productos desde la comodidad de tu casa. Sin colas, sin tener que coger el transporte público, sin empujones entre la gente, simplemente explorar una tienda con el simple movimiento de tu dedo… Read more