Katharine Woo, Head of Webgains International Finance

Our Head of International Finance, Kate speaks about her love of travelling the world, her two cuddly pet rabbits, her crusade to make everyone at Webgains karaoke stars and why finance is definitely, positively not boring!

First things first, isn’t finance really boring?

Of course not! There are so many different areas within finance that we are always learning something new. We come across different challenges every day.

What do you get up to when you’re not in work, or out of the office with the team?

I love travelling so I am always thinking about my next holiday. I love going to new and faraway places. In the last few years, I have been to the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Mexico.

At home, I have two pet rabbits who are very sweet but very cheeky. They are so fun to cuddle and watch when they are getting up to mischief.

Anytime we have a work night out, we try to convince as many people as possible to go to the karaoke bar near our office. We’ve had some really good nights out with a lot of the Webgains staff, all singing our hearts out!

What does a typical day consist of?

Every day is different and I have different tasks that I have to complete on a monthly basis. Once a month has finished, I calculate the revenue across all countries and prepare reports for management to review on how successful the month has been. I also provide support to all the countries in regards to any complicated queries that may come up.

So what does a Head of Webgains International Finance actually do?

I prepare the revenue figures on a monthly basis. I create reports to present to management on the figures on a monthly/quarterly basis. I provide support to the countries in regards to any finance issues. I advise on changes in the law and find ways to improve efficiency throughout the finance departments. I also prepare the salaries for the London office.

What has been a real challenge you’ve faced this year?

We upgraded to a newer version of our accountancy software. It has been a lot to learn for all members of the finance team. Our productivity has slowed down while we are in the learning curve but the new system is much more user-friendly so in the long-run, our efficiency should improve.

What has been a real success story of 2014 so far?

We’ve created a new report on our system that makes reporting our revenue much easier. It has allowed us to get a better insight into our financial success and we have been able to use the reports to create useful information for each country. Also, the members of the finance team have all grown from strength to strength this year. They have each taken on more daily tasks which helps to free up my time to concentrate on analysing the figures and finding ways to increase efficiency. I would like to say thank you to all the finance teams in each country for your help and support this year.

Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook – I like looking at my friends’ holiday pictures as they give me inspiration for my next holiday!