Derek Grant, Group Sales Director

Derek Grant is Group Sales Director for the Webgains business. Derek has been with Webgains since the early days, having joined the company in April 2005 and is responsible for developing sales strategies, recruiting, training and mentoring the sales team, assigning targets and ensuring the revenue budget is met.

What makes a good sales person?

Someone who is confident, competitive, articulate and self-motivated.

What do you get up to when you’re not in work?

Weekdays I normally go to the gym after work and spend around an hour doing weights. That’s then followed by some light cardio, usually for 20-30 minutes. When I get home I usually watch sport (I’m a big boxing fan) or catch up on a series I’ve downloaded (such as Ray Donovan, 24 etc…). Weekends are usually spent with my girlfriend, friends and family.

What does a typical day consist of?

Dealing with advertisers / agencies that I’ve got existing relationships with alongside forging new advertiser / agency relationships. There are several meetings with account managers and other department heads. I spend time working with my team on new business or objection handling and dealing with international sales requests from other Webgains markets.

So what does a Group Sales Director actually do?

I oversee the UK and international sales teams. I also sit on the Webgains board and as such am involved in all parts of the business and strategy. Typically I take lead on the bigger pitches we are working on and liaise with other departments to ensure that we’re producing quality responses to them. I also work closely with my team and the account managers to safeguard clients, making sure that the advertisers we bring on are appropriate for performance marketing.

Can you explain how your performance is measured?

The quality and number of new advertisers that sign up to Webgains. I’m also responsible for growing revenue and hitting EBIT targets.

Have you brought any big clients to Webgains yourself?

I’ve worked at Webgains for over 9 years and in that time I’ve personally sold affiliate programs to almost a 1,000 advertisers. The bigger clients I’ve brought on would be Nike, Maplin, British Airways, and Barclays to name a few. I’m usually involved in every big client pitch we have.

Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (in no particular order).